buenos dias! it's back and ready for the public!... the good ol' online journal! yall better have fun with it.


the New England Patriots rock my world! they are my world champs...

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Feb 7, 2004
haha, yes, they won the superbowl

CURRENT MOOD: tired, sick of homework! hah

CURRENT MUSIC: Love Potion No. 9 (bahah!)

hell mother effer ya! they won Superbowl XXXVIII and did it with style... wow, I love them, thats all I can say!

ok so, I'm jsut gonna update about things for a little bit then I'll go no bout this weekend... so my "possie" is kinda tense right now and basically at each others throats, including myself! I dunno what it is maybe cabin fever? maybe we're all just being bumbs and wanna blame the shit in our lives on everyone else... what ever they and I can deal! but yes, the New England Patriots (sry, I like saying their full name) won the superbowl a week ago... kind of a day-sha-vu! (holy wow, wish I could spell that one!) cuz Adam kicked the winning field gowl at the end... he always does his best under pressure, Jesus I love them!

but ya, last night, I just didnt wanna talk to people all night (cuz as you kno, we're all being bitchy) so what did I do... clean my room! it was so stupid. an embaressment... not my room I meant me ;) heh, anywhoo!

tomorrows Andrew's (my cousins son) christening so I have to rush through homework tonight... jooooooy to the woooorld! hah, sure! but I'm gonna go do some work work work, and I will leave some goodies later, g'nite everyone!


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Jan 11, 2004
the New England Patriots... they are just dam SICK!

CURRENT MOOD: still beaming from last nights game! :D

CURRENT MUSIC: Josh Groban...

HOLY MOTHER OF COW! THE PATS RULE THE FIELD! Jeesum crow, did they stress me out! but in the end, they did awesome. It must be Adam cuz he always does his best when they need it! my dad was there, dang that must've been fun! oh, those boys are crazy!

so I haven't written in a while I know, It's hard to make a habit of it when midterms are coming up... shush you people who aren't in high school anymore/yet. anywhoo, it hasn't been very exciting. I gotta do tons of work today for my spanish packet but it'll come out ok.

but I visited the baby yesturday... Drew... if you can't remember who the little angel is look in previous entries, thanks! He was all awake and his eyes are so cute! I gave him his stuffed tiger I bought a couple weeks ago and I'm sure he'll like it. His older sister Aana was a bit jealous, she didn't have the attension anymore :/ oh kids these days... ;)

anywhoo, I hope you all have been having an enjoyable new year and I hope for the best. have a good rest-of-the-weekend and see ya later!

   ~the 150% Patriots lover!~   (tehehe)

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Jan 4, 2004
hmm... school tomorrow, ga-ross!

CURRENT MOOD: fucking frustrated cuz I just made a huge entry but it deleted it  >=O

CURRENT MUSICL Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby (!!!)

anywhoo, long story short... only because I just wrote a HUGE entry of what I've been doing lately and this freaking blogdrive.com deleted it... GOSH DAMMIT!

vacation's been relaxing after the tooth got pulled, went shopping last night(Gabby went too), bought tons of stuff, (including a Rudolph soundtrack I wanted) ;) bought Drew a stuffed tigger thats prolly bigger than him!, going to go read Harry Potter...

   ~the Patriots lover!~     ;D

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Jan 1, 2004
hmm what an interesting day...

CURRENT MOOD: frustrated and confused... and tired, again


so yesturday I got my wisdom tooth out... that was, interesting. I was gonna bring a disc man to listen to but I switched them that morning and forgot my CD in my other one... so I had to grab the nutcracker from my mamas car ;) anywhoo, they put the laughing gas on me, yipes! that was scary! then I reacted to it and I couldn't whine anymore about it so I relaxed.
after the novicane hit, they went to work. there were like three surgeons all around me, playing with my mouth. it was weird but I didn't care cuz I was in a dreaming state... weird guys!
anywhoo, it only took about 20 minutes at the most when they said it might take a half hour! nice... it went well though! It hurt a little after the numbness wore off yesturday, and I couldn't finish watching finding nemo cuz I was laughing too much! ey boy!

ya so our New Years party was yesturday... MAD FUN! I love my family, they always know how to have a good time! playing cards with the cousins, taking me oh, an hour to actually eat dinner, finding nemo! (enough said!), rickeys guitar, trying to avoid kissing grandpa cuz I know he squeezes when he hugs :/, sending some chinese to Don at the hospital with Ames and the baby!, counting down, ya, it's always great with the family!

I just wanna say sry to uh... everyone? I am such a bitch sometimes (sometimes it's cuz of pms, really!) and I overreact SOMETIMES, and it takes a lot for me to trust people... don't get me wrong, I trust a ton of you kids! but idk, I'm only 15! I make mistakes! I say the wrong things! it's all a part of life, you gotta accept it! k?

so I visited the baby again today... he was trying to open his eyes when I was holding him, aww! hes so cute, I love it!

aighty yall, have fun for the rest of the vacation... enjoy it please! I'll ttyl!


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Dec 30, 2003
IT'S A BOY! Andrew Donald!

CURRENT MOOD: nervous slash tired slash sick... nice!

CURRENT MUSIC: none... wow... that's different

so Amy had her baby today! My mom interupted my last minute planned lesson with yoli to tell me ;) hah they call him Drew for short... how cute! I think I'm gonna visit him and Ames at the hospital tomorrow

so I wore this wicked comfy valore -sp?- set today... dam! these things are nice! but not when your cleaning... :/

so ya I asked yoli last night if I could have a lesson... and she gave me a nice long one... cuz I needed it! anyway, I payed for it myself since my mama was mad that I was having one anyway hah, but it sure did help! then we watched Monsters Inc. after cuz she wanted me to see it, wow that is such a cute movie! nice story to it... Boo is so dam cute!

so I've been chillin' been relaxing around the house all night... working on Spanish homework and what not. yall have a good night and wish me luck for my "operation" tomorrow... (wow I make such a big deal out of it! geesh Lynne...) I'm getting a wisdom tooth out! that's why I needed my lesson TODAY cuz I can't play a few days after I get it pulled... ya :( ga' night everyone!

   ~Lynne face~

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Dec 29, 2003
mmm... I love relaxing vacations!

CURRENT MOOD: dandy :)

CURRENT MUSIC: CRUISIN'! my favorite song!!!

hi again! hope you had a good day... I did

so I took all my presents from under the tree and put them in their proper place in my room... that was uh, fun. ya I have a sweet New England Patriots calandar... BAM!
   my obsession in this journal isn't Christmas anymore... it's the PATRIOTS! dam they're GREAT!

so I got some homework done surprisingly! stoopid Spanish packet... ahh it's all for the best I guess.

my mom is PISSING ME OFF! ok so we got new music in orchestra and I am THE WORST sight reader so I need a lesson right? oh but no, my mom won't call yoli to get a lesson for tomorrow cuz that's really the only time I can get one... cuz I'm getting my wisdom tooth out and I can't play after I get it out... DAMMIT I NEED ALL THE FUCKING HELP I CAN GET! I ACTUALLY HAVE THE DEVOTION TO GET A LESSON WHEN I SHOULDN'T! GOD SAKES WHAT DOES THIS FUCKING WORLD WANT FROM ME?!?!?!?!

now that I'm done with my tantrum, I'll tell you some happy stuff. My uncle, the one I went to the Pats game with gave me the greatest thing for Christmas. he framed this collage... the background is a newspaper article form the boston globe from Christmas day with a pic of Brady on it... then over that was his ticket, a pic of me and him in the stands with our Adam Vinatieri jerseys on, one of me and my dad cooking for the tailgating, then one of Adam HIMSELF, IN THE SKIN kicking one of the field goals! yipes it's so awesome! it was to remember my first and surly not my last Pats game.... aww!

aighty cutie, I'm gonna go read some Harry Potter (shut up, I like it!) then take a shower then off to bed... later gator!


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yay, I'm back! ;)

CURRENT MOOD: tired, but fine!


IT'S BACK! oh yes, I'm getting back into the habit of this puppy...

anyways, my vacation has been *snap* awesome! (hah, sry, its a reflex to say snap..)Christmas Eve was crazy with my drunk family, but totally fun! Christmas was nice seeing the other side, although grandma was sick :/

THE BABY'S COMING TOMORROW!!! can we say, exciting?!?! ... for those with question marks over your heads, I shall explain...
since my family is so close my cousins are basically my siblings. and my oldest cousin on my dads side is pregnant, the one who already has a child. soooo, shes having a section tomorrow so we KNOW the baby will come tomorrow! I really want her to have a boy since she already has a crazy rambuncious -sp?- girl! and it's just exciting...

and lets add that the Patriots are at 14-2 with the best record in the NFL... can we say even more exciting?!? I rly hope they get into the superbowl... that would be just fantastic!

anywhoo, I'll write later tonite about my day...


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Dec 7, 2003
AHH! too much excitment! well, there can never be TOO much of it!

CURRENT MOOD: beyond belief happiness! 8-D

CURRENT MUSIC: Sleigh Ride: Boston Pops... ya, they do rock the house don't they? ;)

HOLY MOTHER FREAKING AWESOME WEEKEND!! I thought I'd put the whole weekend into one entry because... it was cool man!

first, the snow is just dam awesomely crazy man! almost nonstop from saturday morning to sunday night... I love it man!!!

so Friday was just being lazy watching TV. That was ok because the weeks always make me so tired! along with tap, that was okay. The new steps get me rly bad:)

Saturday was filled with homework and relaxing (like watching TV and napping) and I did some homework at night. I really don't know why I found this so great except the fact that I got stuff done...

OKAY! so todayyyy.... I woke up and asked my dad to make breakfast. So while he did, I went to shovel and brush off the cars outside... more like shovel off the cars. yipes! anywhoo, I had some good breakfast then did some laundry, YES! SO EXCITING! then I had lunch and thought the Pats game was on at 1:00 so that was annoying. So I had to clean out my fish, Louie's tank so I did that... wow, what a bunch of junk one fish can do in a few months!

haha, anyway!! I finished my homework then watched the INDRECIBLE! FATASTIC! EXCITING! CRAZY Patriots Game! I knew I would go crazy over it!

so the final score: 12 - 0 NE against miami... I told yall the snow was a charm! and the fans... they were so great! hah that was a great game... what was that? they're the number one team in NFL right now? hah! DAM STRAIGHT!!!

that was def a perfect ending to a great relaxing weekend. yall have a good night, and hope for a snow day! ;) you wish! kidding. sweet dreams!


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Dec 5, 2003
deres snow comin

CURRENT MOOD: just dandy! :)

CURRENT MUSIC: nothing! yipes, I dunno what I'm doing!!

so I guess theres a storm a comin! how exciting! maybe I can make a snowman!... oh lordy...

so, the semi was cancelled... I wasn't even going and it pissed me off! to all you uniors and such out there, I'm really sry, life is tough but it IS still comin! stay happy! :D

so nothing like usual tonite... tap was fun today! I need help but still I'm learning

but I'm gonna go relax and maybe watch a movie, yall have a good night! drive safe this weekend!

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Dec 4, 2003
blah...blah...blah, BORING DAY!

CURRENT MOOD: my MOUTH HURTS! (sry, I have a mofo-ing huge canker soar!) :/

CURRENT MUSIC: Burl Ives: We are Santa's Elves (muahaha!)

so today was like... nothing

OKAY! here is what I want ALL of you to do! any of you who are reading this, comment on anything... a secret, a confession, a secret lover... etc. you can keep yourself anonomous if you want, just tell me something!

   to comment, theres a small link at the end of this entry. cilck it and at the end if the new pop up there's a thing to fill out... write what you want there... thanks yall!

have a good night!

~PS- so I got home today and I took out my violin... MAN was it out of tune! so, I tried to tune it but the pegs were being so stubborn and kept moving. SOOO, I thought Id change all of the strings (becasue a- I needed to and b- I wanted to see if I could do it) except the A string, cuz it was already new... so I took a stab at it. and guess what... I tuned it right! without breaking a thing! yipes I love it! I will not be scared to tune anymore! haha

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